The Club in the Village of Big Bear Lake is a unique property. Originally built in 2002 to be luxury fractional ownerships of 3 and 4 bedroom Villas complete with Clubhouse, gym, game rooms, heated swimming pool and jacuzzi. The Club was being sold for up to $225,000 with HOA fees being close to what they currently are. The Club was to have a full bar, restaurant, concierge and bus that would take you to the slopes however there was a Ponzi scheme and those items were never finished along with 4 out of 8 of the 4 bedroom Villas and 6 out of 12 of the 3 bedroom Villas.  The exterior was done however the inside was not completed. The bank ended up taking over The Club after the Ponzi scheme and maintained The Club for about 3 years during which values dropped all the way down to $20,000 for a 3 bedroom and $25,000 for the 4 bedroom.

Bluegreen bought The Club and paid off penalties & fees and updated the furnishings and TVs and finished the incomplete Villas to use as timeshares. Currently The Club has 4 of the 4 bedroom Villas and 5 of the 3 bedroom Villas as fractional ownerships and those owners can sell their fractionals if they choose. The rest of the Villas are for Bluegreens timeshares and an additional set of two bedroom Villas were built also for timeshares. They were not made with the same high end furnishings and quality the fractional ownerships were  I do not sell timeshares.

I sell the fractional ownerships. As a fractional owner you get 28 days per year 14 in the spring summer time and 14 in the winter fall.  You choose your dates. The Club sends out a reservation request form at the beginning of each 14 day period  and each owner gets to choose their three first choice picks and their three second choice picks. All owners have a deadline to turn in their reservation request form and within a couple weeks after they are turned in you will be notified of the dates that you received. You can stay as little as one night and as many as seven at one time.  There are also short notice and space available dates. Those are outside of your 28 days and if you call within five days of your arrival and they have a Villa available for you then it is yours.

The HOA fees are paid quarterly (every 3 months) and are the responsibility of the owners on the deed for their fractional ownership to pay. You are allowed to have up to 4 owners on one deed. For the 3 bedroom they are $1908.16 and for the 4 bedroom $2652.78. Included in that fee are: maintenance, 8 boat docks, landscaping, snow removal, club house, common ground taxes, reserves, Villas are turn key with all furnishings, appliances and linens. You can rent out your dates through any rental company. You can become a member of Registry Collection and bank your days for points to go anywhere in the world.

There is a cleaning fee for the 3 bedroom of $155 for up to 3 days and during that time they will make the beds and stock the condiments, soaps & shampoos and give you fresh towels. 4 to 7 days the cleaning fee is $190 and they do a full cleaning halfway through the week. For the 4 bedroom for 3 days $175 and 4-7 days is $210. There is also a $3 gratuity fee per adult per day. The Club considers anybody 15 years and up to be an adult and to pay the gratuity fee.

If you come to Big Bear often and are looking to do no maintenance and just vacation then The Club is for you. No smoking on the premises of the club you have to go outside the gate into the village to smoke and they do not allow pets unless they are service pets.

Please contact me if you have questions.